Windhover is N.C. State's literary arts publication. When designing the book, I was interested in how the editing and design process adds meaning, intentionally or otherwise, and how that affects the artist and author's voice. Windhover won tons of awards (AIGA 365, 50 books/50 covers, and many others) and stands as one of my favorite projects still.

Each submission was processed through anti-plagiarism software to illustrate the ridiculousness of "canonized form" without context.

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Exposed binding (signature to book), magenta (1 of 4 colors) & the box as a container of disparate parts illustrates the editing process. Fragmentation to synthesis. Part to whole.

To show how materials affect meaning, the same image was produced on multiple substrates. Here, we see the raw digital file.

The book's pages degrade image quality.

High-acid newsprint further degrades the image, potentially changing its meaning over time.