Adult Swim/Cartoon Network

Caligula, emperor, horse-lover, and all-round crazy dude, has been brought back to life, unfortunately. Playing as Caligula, players make their way through Rome's 7 Hills, collecting weapons (one for each letter on the keyboard!), raising the dead, and spilling blood. With nearly 8 million hits, it seems that fact-free history is all the rage!

What happens when hallucinogens and rampant inbreeding mix? Four words: come at me bro!

Caligula fighting skeletons deep beneath the earth's crust? Jung would have a field day with this.

The game has 26 weapons, one for each letter on the keyboard. Fight through Rome to collect all 26!

To reclaim his throne, Caligula must defeat each of Rome's 7 hills. Each hill is appointed with a unique tileset and site-specific enemies.

Beyond way-finding, the map also tracked players' kill rates, causing the A.I. to evolve and raise the dead.