Will Hall is a Creative Director and Designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He’s currently the Chief Creative Officer at RAIN, a digital innovation company with offices in NYC, Utah, Seattle and, um, Nicaragua[1]. He’s also a Professor of Design at NYU.

He’s been declared the “winner” of Pinterest[2], serves on multiple boards[3], and has been featured on dozens of sites[4], magazines and podcasts[5]. Will has written several articles about emerging technology[6], and continues to speak all over the country, and China… almost. It’s a long story.

At RAIN, Will has worked with 35 of the Fortune 100 companies, and has won and lead numerous accounts including Amazon, Facebook[7], ESPN[8], Campbell’s[9], Maxfield LA[10], Starbucks, HBO, Puma and Adobe to name a few. Over the past few years, RAIN has pivoted from being a best-in-class digital agency to pioneering Voice and Conversational AI.

Voice is fundamentally changing the way society interacts with technology. From building tools for Amazon to establishing best practices for invisible interfaces, he finds this work to be some of the most compelling to date. Related, this was written by a robot[11].

Will started his career in NYC over a decade ago at Chopping Block when they were a thing, animating a music video for They Might Be Giants, and working on several interactive projects for top clients like LEGO, TCM and Dave Matthews.

From there, he landed at Pop & Company where he spent the next five years making 400+ games for amazing clients like Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 and the like. Games are the single most complicated thing to design[12]; this foundation of system thinking, design, UX, concepting, code and sound design inform his work to this day.

After a series of viral successes[13], a Spongebob Squarepants credit and numerous accolades[14], including a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award, he landed at Honest as an Associate Creative Director. There he learned how to direct (they were rep’d by RSA at the time), build treatments, construct compelling narratives and design complex interactive experiences — most notably, reimagining ESPN’s fantasy sports platform. He also got to collaborate with Chip Kidd once, which made him giddy[15].

Continuing to blend technology, design, interaction and storytelling, he contracted with Rockwell LAB. There he made interactive architecture for Google and YouTube’s offices, working with blended teams across all disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach to problem solving has become the cornerstone for his subsequent creative departments.

After freelancing[16], he finally entered the agency world. MRY served as a sort of finishing school. There, he learned how to navigate large companies and get good work made, despite the (necessary) bureaucracies of both agencies and fortune 500 clients. Strategy became a huge obsession, and is central to his creative work. He serviced accounts for Jägermeister, Sony, Paypal and the like. Good folks. Good clients. Good work.

His mom still has no idea what he does.

Do be in touch:
will(at)showpony.org  and/or  LinkedIn



[1] Revolutions aside, you should totally go sometime. One of his favorite places.

[2] ponyfight  

[3] Most notably, Google's Agency Council for Voice & Forbes Partner Council.

[4] Adweek was fun, as was L2.

[5] Slack's podcast was probably his favorite interview.

[6] Check out the open letter to Siri that he wrote for Recode. 

[7] Facebook's 10 Year Anniversary Campaign was incredibly rewarding, especially the mini doc featuring Humans of NY.

[8] The 30 for 30 Short on the history of the batting glove was a favorite.

[9] Check out the Super Bowl Spot. Now go call your mom.  

[10] Maxfield is Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite store, and with good reason. They brought black to LA, funded Rick Owens, and brought Prada to the states. Will loves the work they’ve done together.

PRO TIP: NEVER USE CRAIGSLIST FOR CASTING. Will made this mistake for Maxfield, and is still paying for therapy.  

[11] *hides nerd boner*

[12] An understatement. 

[13] A few for Adult Swim:
Bible Fight — 14 Million
My Lil’ Bastard — 32 Million Viva Caligula — 10 Million Hemp Tycoon — 37 Million

[14] AIGA 365, DA&D, One Show, Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, FastCo Innovation Awards, various magazine awards and a boy scout badge for arson. Hell yeah!  

[15] because graphic design

[16] code for travel